SVI Global is your personal Concierge in China. Our team is proud to provide a full suite of valuable travel assistance and meeting arrangement services for our clients. 

 Our Services
- Writing invitation letters for visas

- Planning and scheduling your complete trip itinerary

- Making hotel revisions for your team

- Making restaurant reservations for you and your guests

- Airport pick-up and drop-off in our company vans

- Domestic transportation within China

- Private conference rooms for company or customer meetings

- Providing plan o grams and showroom space for presentations

- Use of our Hong Kong office

- Global café with western food at our Changan, Dongguan


- Monthly tracking of all costing components and key drivers

-Translation services

- Personnel coverage for trade shows in China and Hong Kong, as well as factory showrooms

- A full supply of common western medicines — just in case!


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