Sourcing products from china

Your Personalized Chinese Sourcing Agent

Due to the language barrier, and the complex nature of the Chinese manufacturing market,sourcing products from China can be confusing.

At SVI Global, we take sourcing seriously. We know that our clients are looking for reliable, high quality suppliers in China. We work with the top suppliers across China to find materials that fit your project's specific needs. SVI Global's years of experience, and vast network of partnerships, makes locating the right suppliers and negotiating favorable terms easy. We work hard to present our clients with a range of options, and always get final approval before moving forward with any vendor.

Improve Existing Relationships

We are also happy to work with your current suppliers. Oftentimes, we can improve their performance by negotiating more favorable contracts on your behalf. Due to our favorable location within China, we are able to conduct full audits of your entire Chinese supply chain. A more efficient supply chain means more profit for your bottom line, and better quality products delivered to your customers back home.

Compliance Made Easy

Our dedicated QC, QE and auditor team oversee and monitor factory operations to ensure they meet US ethical manufacturing standards. Due to our location, we are able to place inspectors in factories during production, providing regular audits of any facility you decide to do business with in China.

We believe that every company should care about the well-being of their employees and partners. That is why before finalizing any manufacturing partnerships, we carefully inspect every factory, making sure that they follow industry standards for social compliance, quality protection, and CTPAT regulations — an essential step for US Customs approval.

If you are looking to manufacture licensed goods, or planning to ship to major retailers ,  you will often  be required  to  meet specific  product to packaging requirements. Our auditors ensure that the final product, and the  facility  that  produces  it, adhere  to  every  applicable standard and regulation. If necessary,our auditors can help manufacturers develop and implement a corrective action plan for the facility — working with them until they are able to satisfy the requirements of the client or third-party.

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